Global Blinds provides a five year warranty on our external window coverings.

Global Blinds guarantees that all products are free from material and assembly defects provided the products are used in the manner for which they were designed. This warranty will not include any indemnity relating to any other consequential or economic damages or loss of any nature whatsoever that may have arisen from defective item.

Global Blinds shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential arising out of, or the inability to use the goods or the equipment.

The Buyer or the Purchaser is responsible for any freight cost relating to the repair or replacement. If the Buyer or Purchaser resells any Global Blinds products to another Buyer or Purchaser or end-user, it shall include all of the terms and provisions of this warranty in such resale.

Global Blinds responsibility under the warranty is to the original Buyer or Purchaser.

Warranty will begin upon date of installation and only when accounts are PAID in FULL to Global Blinds Pty Ltd. Warranty will remain invalid upon unpaid accounts.

This 5 year warranty covers

  • The products listed on your invoice against material defects and workmanship for 5 year from the date of product installation and account payment received in full.
  • Any replacement products, materials and labour used to make good warranty claims, for the remainder of the warranty period of the original products listed on your invoice.
  • Electronic components (limited manufacturer’s warranty. Not covered if water damaged or burnt out.
  • Motors, remotes, receivers & sensors (limited manufacturer’s warranty. Not covered if water damaged or burnt out).

The period in which this warranty applies

  • This warranty applies to defects which appear and are notified to Global Blinds from date of installation within the warranty time frames listed for items covered under this warranty. All notifications must follow the procedure listed below,
  • Global Blinds recommends a thorough inspection of the product upon receipt and/or initial installation as this will simplify the validation of any warranty claims.

The warranty does not cover

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Incorrect installation of the product.
  • Installation in an unsuitable environment, for example interior blinds being installed to the exterior of a window.
  • Inappropriate use or operation of the product.
  • Alterations to the products – except where such alterations are necessary to “make good” the product under a warranty claim.
  • Use in a mobile dwelling such as a motorhome or boat.
  • Accidental or intentional damage, abuse or neglect of the product.
  • Inadequate safeguarding of the product allowing damage arising from vermin or other organisms, or foreign matter to enter, stain or corrode the product.
  • Acts of God.
  • Electrical connection, disconnection & reconnection.
  • Charges for hire of access equipment (even when product is under warranty).
  • Consequential damage or loss.
  • Cleaning & maintenance (refer to Global Blinds cleaning & maintenance instructions document).
  • If any goods or equipment are incorrectly measured and the measurement was not directly undertaken by Global Blinds.

How we honor this warranty

Global Blinds will either repair or replace items with new ones, at our discretion, if:

  • The items in question have a defect, or fails to operate as intended; and
  • A claim is made under this warranty within the specified warranty time periods.

The Warranty period starts from the date stipulated on the invoice, not from the date of any subsequent service.

Procedure to make a claim under this warranty

If a defect appears in the goods within the stated period, to make a claim under this warranty you must, before the warranty period expires, and at your cost:

  • Submit details of your claim to, in the first instance, the address of the original place of purchase including:
    • Your name, address and phone number;
    • What you consider to be the defect and the circumstances in which the defect appeared and that you wish to claim under this warranty; and
    • Proof of your purchase of the product, details of the date and place of purchase; and
  • Provide us with all other information we reasonably request about the circumstances.


Despite the high level of technology in the manufacture of external fabrics, the treatment of the fabric may produce small flaws that cannot be avoided. These small cosmetic flaws do not affect the life or the functioning of the fabric and are not considered to be faults. These are not covered by the warranty.

External fabrics are high-performance products that satisfy strict technical specifications. They are subjected to extensive laboratory tests during each manufacturing cycle with requirements such as water impermeability, rigidity, dirt and water repellent properties, tear propagation resistance, colour fastness and many other parameters are defined, measure and guaranteed by the weaver of each fabric type.

Occasionally, awning owners notice certain marks in the fabric, but these cannot be completely eliminated with existing technology, e.g.

  • Fold creases occur during assembly and when the fabric material is folded. A line caused by kinking of the fibres (light refraction) may be visible at the folding point when light shines through from behind, particularly with light colours.
  • Corrugation in the seam and weld can occur along the side seams. This leads to variations in the diameter when the fabric is rolled up. The tension created by the system and sagging of the winding shaft and/or the projection profile can contribute to these effects. Corrugation scan also occur if water is allowed to collect and distend the fabric, in rain for example.
  • Side seam stretching, in most cases the fabric is kept under tension almost permanently by an active spring mechanism system. The seams and stitching have a reinforcing effect, but they must also withstand extremely high loads.

When the fabric is rolled up the seams and stitching are positioned on top of each other, which is increases the pressure and tension even more. This places them under considerable tension and stretches them, which may cause the side hems to droop slightly when the awning is being extended.

Global Blinds Reseller responsibility

It is the responsibility of the agent selling the product to the end user to ensure a detailed and thorough handover is carried out to inform the user of the limitations of the product and design intent. All installations must be carried out by a suitably trained and licensed persons. In the case of a warranty claim the end user must contact the agent who supplied and installed the product.

Once a site inspection has been carried out all relevant information in addition to pictures where possible will be supplied to the manufacturer to process the claim. Please refer to the user guide for further details.


Written cancellations will only be accepted if the manufacturer of the goods has not commenced.

Date of delivery

Global Blinds will not be liable for any loss suffered by the customer due to unforeseen manufacturing or freight delays.

Debt recovery

All costs incurred to recover debt will be added to the original debt and will form part of the total debt recovered.

Returned goods

Returned goods will only be accepted with prior authorization from Global Blinds within the warranty period. Please contact our customer service department for a Returned Goods Authority Form.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to repackage any product at the purchaser’s expense. Global Blinds will not be liable for any other costs related to faulty manufacturing such as any installation costs incurred. Goods will not be accepted if damaged in transit. Must be unused and in perfect condition.

Upon receipt of a warranty claim

Global Blinds will instruct the Buyer or Purchaser of how to proceed further and maintains absolute discretion as to how the claim will be managed.  Typically, but not always, Global Blinds will dispatch a replacement product and require the faulty product to be returned to us or our nominated agent for inspection. All reasonable costs will be borne by Global Blinds.

If the owner requests additional services to prosecute the warranty claim, for example repair to be performed at the premises where the product is installed, the owner will be responsible for providing safe access to the product and for incidental costs above and beyond the supply of the product e.g. travelling and transport costs along with access fees.

If the warranty claim proves to be spurious or otherwise invalid, Global Blinds reserves the right to recover costs from the purchaser.

Various Warranties or conditions may be implied or obligations may be imposed by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and other laws in force in Australia. If any such provision applies, then to the extent permitted by law and to the extend this Warranty is given in addition to such warranties or conditions, any liability under this Warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of the product, the payment of the cost or replacing the product or acquiring an equivalent product at the discretion of Global Blinds.

To pursue a warranty claim, please make contact with Global Blinds within 30 days of the fault developing. Warranty claims will only be prosecuted if proof of purchase can be verified, typically by presentation of purchase invoice.

Download a PDF of the Global Blinds Warranty Policy