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Where is your products being manufactured?

All our products are German engineered and from Poland.

What brand motorisation do you use?

We use world renowned Somfy motors and accessories for the majority of our products.

How long is your warranty valid?

We have a five year warranty on all our products. View our full Warranty information >>

Can I control my blinds via my phone?

Yes you can. We offer the option to add Somfy RTS Home Automation to control your blinds via your smart phone, as well as unlocking the power voice control via third-party assistants.

I’m after a particular colour, do you have many to choose from?

We use the extensive colour range RAL. Each of our products has a selection of colours which are considered as ‘standard’ and included in our pricing. However the ability to pick any other RAL colour is available for a small surcharge.

How durable are your Flexyscreens towards weather and strong winds?

Our Flexyscreens have a wind constraint of 45km/h. With high quality, our fabrics are designed for the outdoors with weather resistant features.

How long is your product warranty for?

We have a five year warranty on all our products. View our full Warranty information >>


Can you install outside Victoria?

Unfortunately we can only install in Victoria at the moment. We are looking for partners in other states and will add these to our website when this happens.

How long does installation take?

Installation time will vary pending on various aspects such as quantity of blinds, sizes and complexity of the project. However an estimate for a smaller system such as a Flexy Screen is 1h per blind.

Will I need my own electrician?

We do not offer electrical work. However our consultant will be able to advise on what type of work is needed.

Do you guarantee your installation?

Yes. We have a one year warranty on our installation.

General Questions

What’s the lead-time on your products?

As our products come from Europe so lead time is up to 12 weeks due to coming from Europe.

How long is your installation warranty valid?

We have a one year warranty on installation.

I’m not quite sure which system I need for my area – are you able to advise on this?

Of course! We are always working towards finding the best solution for our customers and offer consultations as well as site visits to assure you that we supply the most suitable systems for your needs.

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