SB500 Pergola System


The SB500 Pergola system features elegant 500mm aluminum rotating blades for controlling sunlight and ventilation. The powder-coated aluminium construction of the SB500, combined with high wind resistance, guarantees safe and easy use.

When the blades are in the closed position they form a waterproof roof, which is also equipped with a hidden gutter system. By including weather sensors, automation or side panels the SB500 can provide complete comfort and protection in all weather conditions.

This unique and flexible Pergola system is an effective, modern and cost effective solution for utilising space and providing shade in any environment. Suitable for covering residential and commercial terraces, restaurants, hotels pubs and commercial outdoor spaces. Using the option of modular connections the SB500 system is extremely flexible and can cover larger areas.

The standard SB500 will cover projections of up to 5.2M, and with the inclusion of a middle pole this can be extended to cover a projection of up to 7M without the need for an additional pole.

For each module, the standard height is up to 2.8M and the width is up to 5M. Being modular the SB500 can cover large areas very effectively.

The SB500 is motorised using Elero Picolo XL motors.

The standard construction colours are silver, white and decorative imitation wood. Non-standard colours of the aluminium construction and blades are available in any RAL colour.

Our Pergola systems are manufactured in Europe by SELT.

Pergola Render SB400

Key Features

  • Width up to 5M
  • Projection up to 7M
  • Resistant to 90km/h Wind
  • Hidden Drainage System
  • 500mm Rotating Slats


  • DRIVE…….Motorised
  • MOTOR…….Elero Picolo XL
  • MOUNTING…….Wall/Freestanding
  • MODULAR…….Yes

Sun/UV Protection

Any RAL Colour

Rain Protection

Adjustable Blades

5 Year Warranty

Pergola SB400 Options

SIde Panels

Add a side panel Flexyscreen to one or more sides of your pergola for additional weather and/or privacy protection – making the space even more usable all year round.

Weather Sensors

Somfy Weather Sensor

Weather sensors can be individually set to automatically open/close the blades of your pergola based on various weather conditions. Sensors include motion, rain, sun & wind.

Home Automation

Somfy RTS Intellgence

Using your smartphone with Radio Technology Somfy® is the simplest way to control your motorised pergola, or unlock the power of voice control via third-party assistants.

Remote Controls

Somfy Remote Control

A centralised remote control can manage one or more pergolas – open or close blades, or retract the solid roof, from one remote. Massive 20m range through 2 concrete walls.

Technical Drawings

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