Project Summary

Products Used:
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Optional Extras:
Wind Sensors

The Brief

Install a Pergola Solid Sunbreaker 400 across the top decking of a two-storey home to better utilise an expansive space, with a fantastic view, by providing all weather protection.

The Details

The total area we needed to cover was a massive 12.4 metres in width, 2.4 metres high, with a 4.5 metre projection of blades. We also needed to consider the weather conditions being high sun, wind and salt exposure. This was no easy feat!

The clients wished to cover a 4.5 metre area of the structure with blades to allow for light and warmth to filter through windows, while maintaining unobstructed views to the ocean as much as possible.

The installation design needed to consider local wind loads and the load capacity of the existing structures we were connecting to. This meant a number of additional reports and permits were required:

  • A structural Engineering Proposal provided a site specific design for the connection of the pergola columns to the existing deck and for the Pergola beams to the existing rafters.
  • A load capacity assessment.
  • A Building Permit was obtained, plus planning and working drawings by Architect.

A special coating was also utilised to endure these harsh conditions. The non-standard colour was selected with the environmental factor in mind, as the structure was facing the ocean. Stainless steel bolts were also utilised for longevity.

A wind sensor was also fitted to automatically adjust blade tilt, keeping the outdoor area dry and cool.